Scott Lee Music

Scott Lee of SFX Media has been creating original music / graphic designs now some 23 years for radio / tv / film. In conception, audio/visuals can bring stories to life take one on a impactive journey. Its his mission to capture the audible ideals in its purest imaginarium state. To take practical possibilities of storytelling threw the audio paradigm.

Scott when did you start all this? "Started creating, manipulating silicon based processors back in the commodore 64 / amiga computers days early 80s. Was a demoscene composer for fantasy, agile, the silents and very brief crusaders thoughout the 1980s. Moved into the professional realm about 1990 working in both post production in tv / film / video games / radio markets and have done so ever since. Im the guy who creates the music, film, photography behind the scenes but this year I felt its time to be the front man."

We Agree Scott!

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